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Pro Staff Project Management is an Alberta-Based company with a 29-year history built on a balance of opportunity-driven solutions and maintaining a team of talent, with the ability to execute & sustain, in an ever-changing industry and environment. 


We have a core team, with related experience in the following areas: 

  • Construction & Engineering  

  • Land Development/Civil Construction & Government relations and permitting 

  • Project Controls and Construction related Technology 


Our Team-Based Project Management concept is designed around our Project Manager being integrated as part of the Owners Team and/or Senior Construction members of the project as early as possible, ideally during the design-concept phase of the project.  This enables our Project Managers to be involved in the Engineering phase from the very beginning, to ensure the best Engineers/Consultants are utilized for the project and that the project is not over-engineered; which can result in considerable cost and schedule impacts. 


The primary areas that our Project Management (PM) Program is focused on are Cost, Schedule, Quality & Safety and incorporates all Processes, Procedures, Strategies and Tools (web-based tracking, document control & templates). 


Our Project Management team has the experience and ability to create accurate and realistic Budgets and Schedule baselines to work with.  Our primary agenda is to ensure each Project is complete on schedule, within budget and in a manner that results in top quality. 


Our blend of Project Management experience combined with related Technology and Systems/Process expertise has enabled us to establish a customized Project Management system that we can align and implement entirely based on the needs of our customers, regardless of the size and complexity of the project and existing systems technology. 

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