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Project-Specific Talent Management & HR Solutions

Pro Staff Technical Services Inc.

We have expertise and specialize in the following areas...

  • Projects or Turnarounds/Shutdown 

  • Challenging high stake positions

  • High growth demands

  • Employee onboarding & mobilization logistics

  • Downsizing support and project demobilizing

Since 1990 we have been continuously developing HR & TM strategies and solutions to keep up with the changes in technology, industry and cultures.  Since we have always specialized in high-volume project recruitment on a global scale we have been able to develop a full-cycle program that is well above industry standards...onsite project recruitment & HR support is all we have done for over 25 years and there are very few companies that offer the same type of onsite services, as an extension of your organization. 

We give you the option of "SUB-CONTRACTING" all of your Talent Management requirements,  with minimal impact to the over-all project budget.  We give you the ability to focus all of your attention on the execution of the project...that is your expertise.  Under your management and leadership, we focus our attention on all aspects of the project  related workforce...that is our expertise.


Alot of our work is obtained from companies that try to execute a larger-scale project or outage using their existing Human Resource department and realize part way through that it simply isn't working effectively.  This has happened several times and typically we are hired to either support and supplement their HR team or take over completely with our Project Leader reporting to the Project Manager. 

With minor tweaking and  customization (in order to meet unique project and client requirements), we have been able to simply "plug in" our existing processes, procedures and strategies in order to hit the ground running with very minimal ramp-up time.  The primary advantage is that our program provides comprehensive and accurate real-time data & metrics as required which enables the Project Management Team to effectively monitor the entire workforce throughout the whole project. 

We can supply your project with an entire Talent Management team with experience in the following areas:


  • Full cycle recruitment of Staff and Craft, Union and Non-Union.

  • Onboarding & Mobilization (payroll support, training verification, D&A logistics etc.)

  • Camp & Travel coordination and logistics.

  • Time Keeping for all Craft employees.

  • Human Resource support (Union and Non-Union).

  • Demobilizing logistics.

  • Onsite Project HR Manager to support all of the above.

  • Real-time, detailed and customized data tracking and reporting for each of the above stages.


We can provide you with the entire team above, or with any of the individual areas and we are typically able to mobilize a team or individuals with 2 weeks notice.

Our program is capable of tracking any or all of the following as required in real-time...


  • Headcount stats - forecast vs actual - daily, weekly, monthly

  • Candidate pipeline sources & stats

  • Interviewing & recruiting stats

  • Manpower costs and productivity - forecast vs actual

  • Promotions

  • Quits

  • Terminations

  • Attrition reasons & motivators

  • Performance ratings

  • Sick days

  • Vacation days

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